Friday, July 7, 2023




Blood Money by Dominic Flanagan

Born to Fight by Anthony von Sager

Carnivore by Ciaran Thomas Behan

Dregslist by Karen Tengwald

Ex-Stalkers by Karinthal McCray

For Those We Love and Cherish by Sheldon Jay Kaplan & Lee Jacob Kaplan

Gimme Shelter Part Three by David Davison

Hazel the Viking by Jim Norman

Heaven Sent Me by Jim Norman

Hiding in Daylight by Gregory G. Allen

Ma’s Way by Christopher Buonopane

Margo and the Monster by Don Famularo

Oh, Holy Night by Bethany Maines

One Lousy Mistake by Dave Wade

The Comeback Player by Sharron Miller

The Fourth Psalm by John L Martins III

The Paragraph by Carol Jean McPhee

The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll

Two Dead Sons – Two Deadly Fathers by Don M Famularo & Don Wells

Witness by Frank Phillip Battaglia & Toby Osborne


A Christmas Star by Rami Kahlon

Choice by Bernhard Riedhammer

Gone by W.S. Smith

I Drum to a Different Puzzle by Bryan Huynh

Love to Go by Bernhard Riedhammer

Plenty of Fish by Troy Bryant Lea

Prepare For Death...Young Fella! by Gianpaolo Gentile

Rattlesnake in the Dream by Haowei Zhang

Remembrance by Martin Bard

The Ride by Alysha Haran

The Sack Man by Rafael Alves das Neves

Unconditional by Joely Hurkman

When I Say Blue! by Kelly Perine


Alias X by W.S. Smith

Kollegiate Kareers by Brenden Torres

On The Boulevard by Mel Nieves

The Manor by William Mullins



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