Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Fall 2023 Competition Semi-Finalists


Almost Human by Bernhard Riedhammer

Anger Issues by Lee Kolinsky

Hot Questions by Alexander Julian III

Maid in Mario Kart by Eileen Meier

Molly Malone by Leonora A. Waite & Ashley Johnson 

Oasis by Maya Corwin

Old School by Bernhard Riedhammer

The Brown Turkeys by Kelly Ann Guglietti

The Little Angels by Junxuan Yin

The Patient by Amari Russell   



Corey's Hand by  Jim Norman

Eddie on the Scrap Heap by Marc Littman  

Hoodoo by Ken Cosentino

La Potencia by Mel Nieves

The Shadow of Dharma by Mark Perlick

The Song of the Sea by Ramin Ghayoori

The Way of the Heart by Aldona Grupas

Three Wishes for an Update by Pamela LePage & Garrett Lees  




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